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The 6 Critical Success Factors

Starting today, you can change your life and your business by focusing on each of these areas:

What Can We Learn from Steve Jobs?

Most of us didn't know Steve Jobs, but we can’t help feeling like we did. We carried pieces of his vision around with us every day, some of us literally, in our pockets. You can’t help but think that Steve Jobs would've smiled at the fact that millions around the world first learned of his death on devices he designed -- and then relayed the news and shared their thoughts on those very same devices. He helped make technology sleek and simple, and in the process, intimate.

Are You a Clean Energy Expert?

In our sales training, we’ve been stressing how the great sales people of the future will be “Experts in Clean Energy - Champions” And while the message is catching on, marginally, most sales people are scared to death of it.  This is a sales strategy we must embrace in 2012. I thought it best to talk about the “inner game” of becoming a Clean Energy expert.

The Inner Game of Success

What impact does it have on your becoming an expert?

What Business Are You In?

Have you ever been asked that question? The simple answer would be, “We are electrical distributors.” But is that what you want to be known as?

Read the following statements from a few people you might recognize.

The New Clean Energy Consumer

What are you doing to drive awareness in your market of Clean Energy solutions? The consumer is becoming more cognizant of their energy consumption for the first time in history.

This is our opportunity and challenge!

It is time to engage the consumer. Smartphones and new technologies such as the iPad have become the “always-connected” mainstream backbone for our professional and personal lives.

The Power of Focus

Is There Return on Investment

There are many ways to sell ROI. As we learn to sell a Clean Energy system, understanding the many ways to present ROI is critical to success. One the ways we have discussed is understanding the value Clean Energy provides in increasing property value. Research suggests that homeowners with solar PV will recoup the cost of their solar investment upon sale of the home. Homes with PV systems sell for a premium over comparable homes without PV systems.

Leading by Example

I was asked this week to please describe a job description of being a Clean Energy Champion. This is how I responded:

A Champion manages the development, launch and continued growth of the Clean Energy initiative and positions their company as the leading, comprehensive resource for Clean Energy solutions in their local market, increasing the value proposition for their customers and growing sales and profitability for their company.

Tour de Clean Energy

I am in awe of the power, persistence and spectacle of the Tour de France.